Why I Left My Career as a CFO to Farm and Sell Succulents

Why I Left My Career as a CFO to Farm and Sell Succulents | JEVITIE

I started JEVITIE to help propagate this planet, but not only to ensure my succulents' longevity—I hope my customers will make their own moments of happiness and joy through the propagation of our plants until the end of time. If each human being can help another person experience joy—then I've accomplished my mission. 

Inspired by the flower markets of Los Angeles, I decided to leave my job in healthcare to become an urban farmer in Mount Washington. I am now privileged to share my passion for plants to inspire joy and creativity across the United States during these challenging times, with the opening of this online shop.

The journey to this moment, from designing weddings in the dining room, to building a nearly fully percent solar-powered farm in the city, is forging a new culture of creativity, deep cooperation and trust, built upon a foundation of strong personal relationships. 

My goal is hope to spread a little more joy through this chalenging time. We are committed to creating the most beautiful and original topiary succulent sculpture designs, all engineered with meticulous precision, so your special moments will last a little longer.

Joie de Vivre,




Jon Giese
Founder + CEO
jonathan @ jevitie.com

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  • London Matthews

    Howdy there. Do you provide same day deliveries to Malibu or is there a western border or limit on your LA-based deliveries? if not can it be done for an additional fee?

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