living succulent gift
living succulent gift
living succulent gift
living succulent gift

Succulent Trio

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Capturing the spirit of mid-century modernism, this delightful trio of classic succulents rests in handcrafted reclaimed wood vessels. A perfect statement for the sophisticated person in your life.

Three succulents, including a Zebra succulent—Haworthiopsis fasciata—are planted in handmade vessels constructed from reclaimed wood. This classy trio of succulents is specifically chosen for its textures and tones, encapsulating a work of art, creating maximum impact at box opening.

Quick look: The zebra plant has thick, dark green leaves with white horizontal stripes on the outside of the leaves. The inside of the leaves is smooth. It's perfect for beginners because it grows well indoors when taken care of properly. It also propagates easily, which makes it perfect for arrangements or gifts.

"We're not just another florist. Jevitie is the guardian of the poetry of plant propagation on a mission to share our emotions as we celebrate the beauty of life."  ~Jon Giese, Founder


  • Plant in Pictured Container (note some variations occur)
  • Care instructions
  • Care & support tips for the lifetime of your gift
  • 30-Day Guarantee
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