Why Choose Jevitie?

We’re locally-owned and provide complimentary 12-mile local delivery using green, solar-powered vehicles. Our handmade containers are built from reclaimed materials. Unlike floral bouquets which last a few days, our replantable designs help remove CO₂ from the atmosphere, and provide weeks of enjoyment. ♻️  Read: Founder Jon Giese's Story

When I received the black wreath, with living succulents on it, my mind was blown away. You delivered a stunning, living, breathing, piece of art that is still thriving!

Black Wreath
Lisa, Utah

Thank you so much for your fabulous artistic designs. You have brought the wonders of nature, and a sense of spiritual peace, into my home.

Constance, Mt. Washington

The easy-to-follow after-care instructions and care in packaging have made this wreath a showstopper in my home. Well done and thank you!

wreath made from live vibrant pink and purple hortensia
Roi, St. George

This beautiful cactus arrangement is one of a kind and could not be more spectacular.

Mike, Eagle Rock

I love the arrangement and the extra time and care put into shipping this succulent tree to Texas. Thank you so much!

Adeline, Austin

I'VE HAD THE PLEASURE of receiving several stunning arrangements from Jevitie. Each one has been unique in its floral design, and is breathtakingly beautiful.

C. Carr, Los Angeles

Excellent customer service and easy-to-order website. The owner, Jonathan puts great thought into each creation. 

A. Schnerzel